Briefly About Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay

Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay was born in 1988 on 7th April in an educated family.Anirvan is the BIRTH name of Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala . Since boyhood ,he has been very eager to know about spiritual knowledge ,religion-philosophy and many mysterious themes.

Anirvan did not like to read syllabus -basis reading . His family did not also allowed or encourage in tantra ,astrology , Anirvan had to used practise tantra against his family even against some part of villagers also ,to get favour surroundings for his practice ,Anirvan left his home .He used to go for practice to local and remote tantra practitioner from door to door several times Anirvan also used to study astrology, tantra, of varieties religions , mythology, philosophy, psychology . Anirvan was Baptised with Shiva-Mantra by Jagotguru Shrimat Acharya Bibekananda Goswami, After the baptising ,anirvan has been got upadhi ‘ BHOKTIBHIKSHU’ and name ‘ABHAY’ by Jagot guru Shrimat Acharya Bibekananda Goswami . Actually, Bibekananda Goswami was a teacher of spiritual-knowledge for Bhoktibhikshu Abhay and for further knowledge of Tantra , his gurudev suggested to go to aghori and tantrik akhra (DEN) to learn AGHOR & TANTRA vidya .

For getting the Knowledge of Astrology and Tantra (specially Tantra) he went to many practitioners ( Tantrik,Aghori ). As a result, he has gained lots of experience about these matters. Although professionally ,now he is an astrologer / Tantrik /Aghori but he likes to admit as a worshipper of Shiva and he likes to publicity the message of Shaivism and the Indian Tantra and Spiritual knowledge globally.


As profession he has chosen to practice Tantra. But still the practice of Tantra in our country remains in filth. Somewhere fear, somewhere false fear, somewhere false temptation, etc. The practice of Tantra is going on in opacity. Tantra is true but truthfulness is rare among today's Tantrics. To transform the practice of Tantra into a transparent infrastructure, he has set up a commercial platform onlineAGHORI dotCom .( Click - ) is an online & offline service provider of Indian Tantrik & Vedic Astrological Service. is fully secured ,safe and trusted provider.

It is certified with ISO 9001:2015 & Indian Govt.Registered also. Bhoktibhikshu Dr Abhay Bala ( Vashikaran Specialist ) provides the astrological and tantrik service through it. Vedic Astrology & Indian Tantrik policy and Consultations ( with social & legal rules & conditions is applied -visit- ) is provided by Dr Abhay through . Viz- love problem solution, kal sarpa yoga problem, solution business problem solution, education problem solution, marriage problem solution, education problem solution, mangolik problem solution, career/job problem solution, blackmagic problem solution, hidden enmity problem solution, ETC life’s issues is studied ,consulted ,fixed by Dr Abhay.

Bhoktibhikshu Abhayashram ( SOCIAL WORKS )

Bhoktibhikshu Abhay is a charitable man, he set up a charity trust before he set up his business. BHOKTIBHIKSHU ABHAYASHRAM was established by him. He is the Chief Trustee of the organization. The main goal of the organization is to provide general education and food. Wordly improvement is the final distanation of the trust . Many Peoples & Students alreday got helped from the trust . ( Click- )


Brojobhumi Bibekananda Sevashram ( SOCIAL WORKS )

Not only general education, but under the inspiration of his Guru, he has established another trust in the name of Gurudev for the spread of spiritual education - Brojobhumi Bibekananda Sevashram. He established this trust with the intention of spreading Indian spiritual education in the country and abroad and is serving as the Vice President of this trust. Although this trust was born for the purpose of spreading spiritual education, it is providing general education and food. In the meantime many needy students and people have benefited from this trust.
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He prefers to study outside the syllabus, but he also realizes the need for a degree in the workplace. Bhoktibhikshu Abhay has a BAMS in Ayurveda, and an honorary doctorate in astrology. Apart from studying at Netaji Open University and Indira Gandhi Open University, he is studying at other educational institutions. Apart from formal education, he wrote in Bengali in his mother tongue on various subjects. He has written and continues to write numerous articles on religion and superstition, women's humiliation, education reform, religion reform, spirituality, psychology, folklore, tantra, etc. He is the Founder writer of AbhayKantho dotCom
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